Shipping Policy

About delivery and shipping

1 . Flow from order completion to pick-up

  • [Ordering] In the case of customized products, we will order the doll according to your desired customization.
  •  [Manufacturing] Manufactured at the factory. In the case of a TPE doll, it can be completed in about 4 days. Silicon dolls have a longer production period than TPE dolls, and the production period may be extended depending on the order status of the factory, so please contact us if you are in a hurry.
  • [Completed image] When the doll is completed, we will send the completed image to your registered email address. In order to be able to deliver as soon as possible, if we do not receive a confirmation reply within 24 hours, we will arrange shipment from the factory with the completed image as it is.
  • ④ [International mailing] The ordered products will be delivered from the factory in China by international mail USPS or Fedex. It takes about 7-15 days . There may be some delays due to weather, customs clearance, etc.
  • [ Delivery of in-stock items ] In stocked items will delivered by Fedex or DHL, it will take 3-5 days . If we meet during the rest day, the shipment will be extended.
  • [Specify delivery date & domestic shipping] After the inspection work is completed, we will ask you for your desired delivery date and time by e-mail. At that time, you can specify the delivery date and time. We will ship domestically on the specified date and time. I will let you know the tracking number after shipping. I try not to know the contents, the item name is "furniture". The sender is the personal name of the person in charge.

[About shipping fee]
At our IdateDoll, we are currently offering free shipping as a token of our gratitude to our customers.

[About the packing method]
Regarding the packing method, troubles during delivery are inevitable. It takes a lot of effort and time to deal with insurance and other matters with shipping companies in the event of damage. In order to avoid such troubles, the product is double-packed using reinforced cardboard and styrofoam on the inside. Also, even if someone in the family accidentally opens it, the doll is wrapped in a blanket so it won't be noticed.